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This web site is intended exclusively for health care professionals. Registration in is required to get access to the order pages. Upon approval of your registration, you will receive a pass word that will give full access to all pages of our web site.  

Vetra Health, a division of Kala Health, is an international company focussed on the research, development and manufacturing of superior supplements for humans and animals. By using only the world's best ingredients, Vetra Health meets the rising demands of the food supplements industry for trusted products that work...


Our line of Vetra Health products has been developed for health care professionals exclusively. Our policy is, to only use natural,  'branded' ingredients of pharmaceutical quality, guaranteeing premium supplements.

Kala Health ains to be fully transparent and verifiable for the consumer. That is why we use 'branded' ingredients only, and keep on file the certificates of all ingredients we use. We are happy to provide these certificates to anyone requesting them.  

By doing so we live up to the high standard we put upon ourself. 

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