Private Labeling

If you’re a health care professional or a small business owner looking to carry our products, then private labeling may be the option that most closely fits your needs. Private labeling is rapidly becoming the standard business practice across the food supplement industry. Selling products under a private label has been demonstrated by market studies and statistics to be the most effective way of standing out in today’s competitive and global marketplace, whether your business is located online or in a traditional retail store or health clinic.

The initial costs of private labeling quickly pay off in increased sales, prestige, and marketing powers for your small business. Private labels ensure stronger customer relationships, leading to increased market share and more return sales.

Vetra has become an industry leader in private labeling. We have developed a system to make this option fast, easy and affordable for our most valuable clients. Unlike other distributers who offer private labels, we do not require a large minimum order; small businesses can place an initial private label order for as few as two dozen bottles. We assist with label design and take care of the label printing and application. To get started, please contact us to discuss pricing, label design, and which products would be most suitable for your private label.