Book MSM, The Definite Guide by Jacob, S.

MSM: The Definitive Guide (2003) is the second book on MSM by Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, written together with Dr. Jeremy Appleton. (in English, 272 pag.)

In dit book the focus lies on the scientific research on MSM. In the beginning of the nineteen sixtees most conferences and scientific publications were dedicated to DMSO. In the course of years more and more attention was paid to MSM, the natural metabolite of DMSO in the boddy and accountable for most of the biological activity in the body. 

Dr. Jacob is generally endorsed for it's dicovery of the organic sulphur molecules DMSO and MSM, and recognized as a world wide expert on this field. At the time of writing of this book  Dr. Appleton was a naturopath and adjunct professor naturopathic Medicine in the Uniteds States. Together both authors created the most complete work on MSM ever written.