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90 vegetarian capsules with digestive enzymes

  • Broad spectrum digestive enzymes
  • Positive influence on the digestion
  • Top quality ingredients
  • Vegetarian capsules
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VETRAZYME™ differs from other products by the source of enzymes that are used, Besides, vegetarian capsules have been used. This makes VetraZyme™ a product of first choice for companion animals, that need digestive support.

All enzymes in VetraZyme™ are of plant origin, produced through fermentation using fungi such as Aspergillus oryzae and Bacillus subtilus. Papain and bromelain are extracted from the fruits papaya and pineapple. These enzymes have been combined in one tablet because of the unique properties of each enzyme individually, and because of their ability to work optimally together in the gastrointestinal tract of companion animals.

The enzymes of animals are mainly produced in the basic environment or the intestine. When the enzymes are combined as a tablet they will not be able to survive the acid environment of the stomach unless there is a protective coating around the tablet. Unfortunately such a tablet coating is expensive. The organic enzymes in VetraZyme offer a solution to this problem. First of all, the enzymes are less sensitive to temperatures, which also makes them more active. Also the organic enzymes are less sensitive to acid. Microbial enzymes are active within a pH of 3.0 till 9.0. This way the enzymes work in the stomach as well as in the intestine.

The so called enzyme activity of Vetrazyme® set by the Food Chemical Codex, are FDA licensed. 


Addet per capsule  Min.
Digestive Enzymes 100 mg 
 - Protease 3.0 40 SAPU
 - Protease 4.5 40.000 HUT
 - Protease 6.0 6.667 HUT
 - Pepsin (1:10,000) 5,0 mg
 - Papain 266.660 PU
 - Bromelain 266.660 PU
 - Amylase 1.330 DU
 - Lipase 50 FCCLU

Other Ingredients: Bulking agent (microcristalline cellulose), hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsule).




Recommended Dosage    
Cats and small Dogs (< 10 kg): 1 capsule/day                                                           
Medium sized Dogs (10-20 kg): 2 capsules/day  
Large Dogs (20-30 kg): 3 capsules/day  
Very large Dogs  (30-45 kg): 4 capsules/day  

Use VetraZyme daily for optimum result. Use as long as needed. Give the capsules as a treat, or open and mix the content with the feed. 

Ingredients: Bulking agent (microcristalline cellulose), Digestive Enzymes, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vergetarian capsule).

 Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 27%, crude oils and fat 9%, crude fibres 3%, crude ash 10%.

Free from: yeast, sugar, starch, lactose, gluten, artificial colors or preservatives. 

This product is a supplementary feed for dogs and cats (contains digestive enzymes).

Do not deviate from recommended dosage. Do not take if the product has expired

Storage: Store in a dark, dry place at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children. 

Obligatory statement: A dietary supplement cannot be considered a replacement for a well-balanced meal. 


Enzymes are special proteins in the body who play a key role in all biochemical reactions and digestive processes. Most of the time the digestive enzymes are classified in three different groups, depending on the different kind of food they help break down:

  • Proteases break down proteins;
  • Lipases break down fat;
  • Carbohydrases break down carbohydrates.

Digestive enzymes are indispensable when it comes to the breakdown of foods. The enzymatic breakdown operates as follows, it starts with moistening in the mouth and ends in the small intestine where enzymes further split the foods in separate nutrients. Approximately 90 % of the foods are absorbed in the small intestine.

Enzymes are produced in different parts of the alimentary canal. The process of digestion is a subtle combination between food and organs, whereby enzymes have to be issued in de right order, at the right place and at the right time. For instance, the enzyme pepsin is delivered by the stomach and works in the acid environment of the stomach, where other enzymes are delivered by the pancreas to the small intestine and only work in a basic environment. 


Vetrazyme™ is intended for every dog or cat who cat benefit from digestive enzymes, and prebiotic fibers. This can be a pet with temporary or continuously problems due to the lack of digestive enzymes, or a pet with digestive problems due to disturbed balance of the intestinal flora. Also pets who mainly eat meat and animals who are conducted with the BARF principle may benefit from digestive supplementation such as Vetrazyme™. 

The elderly pet is an important animal. With increasing age the ability of the digestive systems decreases. The stomach will produce less acid and the production of digestive enzymes decreases as well. The pet can show this for instance when it has problems with excessive gas or with the stool. In such situations it might be helpful to use a supplementation with digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes are taken in with the feed and help the digestive system. The food will be better digested and the nutrition will be better absorbed.